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Ice Cube Criticizes Adam Silver and NBA for Their Lack of Backing for the Black-Owned BIG3 League

Ice Cube Big 3 black-owned business

Ice Cube, legendary rapper and founder of the 3-on-3 basketball league BIG3, recently voiced his disapproval of the NBA and its Commissioner, Adam Silver. He expressed his sentiment that, while the NBA professes a commitment to equality, it falls significantly short when it’s time to bolster a black-owned entity like his own BIG3 league.

The music icon didn’t hold back when he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show. He berated Silver, accusing him of a false portrayal of the NBA as an advocate of change, while, in Cube’s view, the league’s actions have been lackluster.

During the show, Ice Cube stated, “The NBA is full of great slogans and they write ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the court and they do all those things, but pretty full of s*** when the rubber meets the road.”

Ice Cube argued that backing BIG3 could be an easy score for the NBA to demonstrate their genuine commitment to the cause. However, their high-profile gestures, in his opinion, have not translated into substantial action.

“I’m just saying it’s easy for them to put that on the court. It takes a little more effort to really care to work with a league like the BIG3. You really gotta want to make a difference,” Cube opined.

Ice Cube’s public spat with Silver is not new. He insists that numerous NBA team owners have expressed interest in supporting BIG3, but the league has put up barriers to prevent such collaborations.

In a blatant expression of his resentment, Ice Cube stated, “I don’t give a f**k about working with the NBA.” Despite this, he implores the NBA to stop hindering his organization’s growth.

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, has yet to respond to Ice Cube’s concerns, and it’s unlikely that the two will be sharing a friendly drink anytime soon, especially after this candid conversation with Carlson.

This story was sourced from TMZ.