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Keenan Anderson LAPD Body Cam Footage Released

hello my name is Captain Kelly Muniz
commanding officer of media relations
division of the Los Angeles Police
Department this critical incident
Community briefing is intended to
provide you with information about an
in-custody death that occurred in
Pacific Division in the city of Los
Angeles on January 3rd 2023 at around 8
15 pm
you’re about to see relevant video
footage and learn about other evidence
and police procedures related to the
case so you can have a better
understanding of what occurred based on
what we know right now
the LAPD conducts very thorough use of
force investigations which typically
require investigators to interview
multiple Witnesses view numerous hours
of video footage and analyze a
significant amount of forensic evidence
we are still at the very early stages of
this investigation which can often take
up to a year to complete and our
understanding of the incident may change
as this additional evidence is collected
analyzed and reviewed
we also do not draw any conclusions
about whether the officers acted
consistent with our policies and the law
until all the facts are known and the
investigation is complete a word of
caution the images and information
you’re about to see may be disturbing
when a police officer uses Force to
arrest a suspect or defend against an
attack it can be graphic and difficult
to watch
in addition there may be strong language
used by those shown in the video viewer
discretion is advised especially for
young children and sensitive viewers a
West traffic division motor officer was
flagged down for a traffic collision in
the area of Venice Boulevard and Lincoln
Boulevard several community members
involved in the traffic collision
directed the officer to a man who they
indicated had caused the vehicle
the man was running in the middle of the
street and exhibiting erratic behavior
that suspect was later identified as
Keenan Darnell Anderson
the officer contacted Anderson asked him
to sit down and requested the assistance
of Patrol units for a possible driving
Under the Influence investigation
here is the corresponding radio
broadcast for this incident
273156 show me coach sakes on a TC not
we’re gonna be Venice west of Lincoln
the one possible DUI driver I get
additional units please
Anderson initially complied with the
officer restriction and sat on the
sidewalk for several minutes however as
the additional officers arrived Anderson
suddenly attempted to flee the location
by running into the middle of the street
westbound on Venice Boulevard
the officers gave Chase and ordered
Anderson to stop
Anderson ultimately stopped and was
ordered to get on the ground
as the officers attempted to take
Anderson into custody he became
increasingly agitated uncooperative and
resisted the officers
the officers continued to struggle with
Anderson for several minutes utilizing
physical force and a taser to help
overcome his resistance eventually
taking him into custody
a taser is an electronic control device
that is carried by nearly all Patrol
officers it fires two metal probes that
are designed to cause neuromuscular
a portion of this incident was captured
on the officer’s body-worn video
body worn video cameras are used by most
officers assigned to field duties they
are worn at chest level and capture a
general perspective within line of sight
from that angle the angle of the camera
prohibits viewers from seeing everything
the officers saw and experienced
upon activation both audio and video
will turn on however waterborne video
cameras have a buffer of video without
audio from the previous two minutes
prior to activation this feature is
designed to capture incidents that occur
suddenly where an officer doesn’t
immediately activate the camera here is
body worn video from the officers
involved in this incident
get off to the side here
get on the street
hey stop right there get up against the
get up against the wall
get up against the wall
get up against the wall real quick
please okay hold on a second please
come on hold on okay I’m sorry one five
six show me coach sakes on a TC not
involved please we’re gonna beat Venice
west of Lincoln oh my God
okay what happened I lost my key you
lost your key yes I came and I had
somebody fix my car for me sir please
don’t please do me a favor please Hey
sir sit down on your butt and sit with
your legs crossed
who’s trying to kill you
I had a stunt today what I had a stunt
today sorry you had wet that’s not like
no no no okay what car were you driving
BMW they were trying to put stuff in my
car who’s trying to put stuff in your
car they gonna try to
please stay down for my head please hey
stay here stay here sir get some water
please stay here I’ll get you some water
here in a second okay please just have a
seat up against the wall there okay have
a seat against the wall
I want people to see me sure okay you
can sit right there then
stay right there if you want to have
somebody see you
okay wait just sit down for me a second
here okay please look sit down for me
sit down putting the thing on me sit
down like I’m not putting anything come
here sit down over here please I don’t
want you in the road come here I don’t
want you in the road come here
come here
come here
please come here
turn over on your stomach right now turn
over yes turn over yes sir over on your
stomach get over on your stomach hold on
okay okay please please don’t do this
please don’t do this sir please help me
no please help me
please please please please please
please please please
Keenan relax
thank you
hold on we already have a unit helping
you guys out right so um give us a
second we’re going to try to set
everything up so that way no one gets
hit and there’s no other vehicles
stop it
hey everybody
stop it right now stop it right now turn
over turn over I’m gonna tease you turn
over or imma tase you turn over I’m
gonna taste you yes
come on watch watch your elbow party
stop it
stop it
stop it
do not move okay if not I’m gonna taste
you again okay okay
help me okay
hold on stop it
thank you
hold on
please don’t do this please don’t do
this sir please help me please
help me kill me please please please
please please please please please
please please please
Keenan relax
they’re trying to kill me
these are actors
turn over everything
that’s it okay
stop it yeah
please stop resistance
please please
thank you
stop it yes sir don’t resistance
here stop it stop resisting
a portion of this incident was also
captured by a witness on their cellular
the car huh yeah he wasn’t done
that’s a taser
stop it help me
it’s not good
you gonna walk
let’s get me wrong
all right
off and on off and on all right
I got him on the ground over there just
sitting on his own and then he took off
to the traffic right I don’t know they
got killed pilo
all right help me please
they’re trying to sedate me I know too
uh let me sit up sit up
they said dated me they said Dave at me
all right stay right there
approximately one minute later Los
Angeles Fire Department paramedics
responded to the scene and rendered Aid
to Anderson for the teaser deployment
approximately five minutes later Los
Angeles Fire Department paramedics
transported Anderson to a local hospital
put your hands with your hands
while at the hospital and after
approximately four and a half hours
following the use of force Anderson
experienced a medical emergency did not
respond to life-saving efforts by
medical staff and was pronounced
any death of a person in the custody of
the department is defined by policy as a
categorical use of force in accordance
with that policy lapd’s Force
investigation division assumed
investigative responsibility for this
incident upon learning Anderson had been
pronounced deceased
on January 5th 2023 Los Angeles Police
Department forensic science division
toxicology unit conducted a preliminary
toxicology blood screen on two separate
specimens of Keenan Anderson’s blood
collected from the hospital
the laboratory reports concluded that
each of the specimens tested positive
for cocaine metabolite and cannabinoids
the Los Angeles County coroner’s office
will be conducting their own independent
toxicology testing
Keenan Darnell Anderson was a 31 year
old resident of Los Angeles in the next
several months the LAPD will continue to
investigate and analyze this incident we
will continue interviewing any new
witnesses that may come forward and
complete any forensic tests after the
investigation is complete our critical
incident review division will forward
their finding to the chief of police who
will make his recommendation to the
civilian Board of police commissioners
the board will evaluate the evidence to
determine whether the officer’s tactics
and use of force in this instance met
the high standards expected of all LAPD
if you would like more information on
how the LAPD investigates serious uses
of force visit where you can also find
the lapd’s use of force policy and
thank you for taking the time to view
this critical incident Community