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Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses in High Point: Initiatives and Impact

High Point Leaders and Entrepreneurs Discuss the Importance of Strengthening Minority Business Footprint

Cities across the triad region have emphasized the significance of black-owned and minority-owned enterprises in recent times. In High Point, leaders are eager to intensify their efforts to aid these budding entrepreneurs. At a recent gathering, Wyd Nixon Norman highlighted the strategies that business owners are adopting to expand their influence.

Indeed, triad minority business owners convened to share both their challenges and victories. Such gatherings are pivotal as they foster learning and serve as an avenue for advocacy, ensuring all minority business owners receive equal opportunities. With representatives from various parts of the triad, the event was a testament to the resilience of local entrepreneurs.

Cynthia Barnes, the coordinator for Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises in the City of High Point, emphasized the broader implications of such initiatives. It’s not just about businesses; it’s about community integration and progress. For these entrepreneurs, their investment extends beyond their businesses to education and community building.

Furthermore, the conversation in High Point has evolved to discuss reparations. While not in monetary terms, John Hollis, the managing director, mentioned that there’s a shift towards providing municipal support, especially for black-owned businesses. He touched upon the essence of these initiatives: to ensure everyone has the ability to generate and pass on generational wealth. In doing so, the wealth circulates back, enriching the communities these businesses reside.

Kelvin, a Greensboro business owner, emphasized collaboration as a tool for positive change. The consensus is clear: when minority and women-owned businesses thrive, the entire community reaps the benefits. For those interested, more details about the upcoming events can be found at the WFMY News 2 website.

Source: WFMY News 2