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Black Business Month Spotlight: Dive into Lucille’s Fine Southern Foods

The rich tapestry of America’s Black business history is peppered with stories of entrepreneurship, resilience, and culinary artistry. One such tale is that of “Lucille’s Fine Southern Foods”, a family-run establishment that has been keeping bellies full and hearts warm for over a decade.

A Family Affair

Inspired by the culinary prowess of their great-grandmother Lucille, brothers Chris and Ben Williams embarked on a journey to commemorate her influence. It was during a family brainstorming session around a table that the idea was to name the restaurant after Lucille was born. Far from being just a namesake, Lucille’s is an embodiment of an American and familial story, with the brothers offering dishes that range from Carolina shrimp and grits to the exotic grilled octopus with curry.

Shaking Up the Spirit World

Beyond the flavorsome dishes, the Williams brothers are also making waves in the spirits industry. Their unique ‘Highway Vodka’, an intriguing blend that starts with hemp seed, corn, and water, stands out in a saturated market. The distinct recipe, a true innovation in the spirit world, took a painstaking three years to get licensed due to its never-before-seen composition.

Starting as a mere hobby where they brought samples to the restaurant for taste tests, it quickly became evident that they had a hit on their hands. With the vodka winning blind taste tests and expanding its reach across the country, Highway Vodka is proving to be a formidable contender in the spirits market.

A Culinary & Cultural Celebration

But it doesn’t end there. The brothers are also gearing up for the “Hunting Land Festival”, curated by renowned chef Marcus Samuelson. Chris and Ben are not just attendees but active participants. In a beautiful collision of worlds, while Marcus Samuelson handles the culinary side, another industry stalwart, Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest, is curating the spirits section, further solidifying the growing reputation of the Williams brothers in both industries.

The story of Lucille’s Fine Southern Foods and Highway Vodka is not just a testament to great culinary skills and business acumen. It’s a celebration of family, legacy, and the endless possibilities that come with passion and perseverance.


Whether you’re sipping on the Williams’ unique vodka blend or savoring a dish inspired by their great-grandmother, you’re not just partaking in a meal or drink; you’re becoming a part of their ever-evolving story.


Source: KPRC 2 Click2Houston